Working with Remote Teams

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Do you want to work better with remote teams?

My entire career in Marketing and Product Management has meant working with global teams. As an expert in Localization and global product launches, having calls outside of my local business hours with off-shore is a daily occurrence.

Experience has taught me a few tips to get better results with remote teams.

Build relationships. When you can’t meet in person, you have to work a bit harder to develop but it is worth it. Connect on Skype or Zoom video conferencing. Chat a bit beyond work stuff. Connect on Linkedin. Say ‘Thank you’.

Become a better communicator. With people from different cultures and languages, you learn literally what “lost in translation” can mean, and it will end badly for your project if you are not careful. Don’t use jargon or expressions where the meaning might confuse others. Be polite and respectful since formality goes a long way in many cultures.

Organize better. Getting things done doesn’t have to be tougher with remote teams. You need to set a very clear plan that uses time differences to its advantage. For example, we have our offshore team in India coding, our testers on the East Coast testing and our product managers on the West Coast reviewing.

Track progress. Having a clear shared tool to stay up-to-date on work progress is even more important if you are working with remote team. Luckily, there are many tools to choose from that are easy to learn.

Don’t be afraid of working with remote teams. Globalization is a great thing!

Download a helpful checklist of Remote Work Must Have Tools here.

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