Confessions of a Product Manager

Confessions of a Product Manager

I work in product management & marketing but I really have no special Tech talents.

I don’t write code.

I don’t design graphics for ads.

My video editing skills are amateur at best.

My true superpower at work is identifying and solving problems to build products that users love.

Actually I don’t even solve the problems problems myself either.

I convert the problem into “geek speak” for my IT audience or “plain talk” for business folks.

I work with IT and Marketing teams to execute on it and deliver the results back to the customer or clients and investors to win their trust that I am the voice of their customers.

I’m just the middle man and the interpreter of needs.

Is this even a real profession? But it works.

I just want people to get what they need.

It is really that simple.

So helping brands understand those needs and develop product that deliver is what I do.

I guess the secret is out now.

We product managers and digital marketers are really just bridging the gap of the customer journey. And personally I enjoy it quite a bit.

So let’s stop thinking about sales numbers for a sec and focus on creating the best tools a customer needs. The kind of tool that makes them a fan for life.

That is the work I want to be involved in. Period.

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